Our mission is to

‘level the playing field’

Helping people navigate through life, TH!NKing confidently about things that matter to them, their families and friends, in their community and further afield.




New TH!NKers Our Tools help with THINKing - and then doing. From generating ideas, solving problems or looking at different points of view. We share our TH!NK Tools in Schools, Colleges, Universities and with young people. Learn More
A Soup 8 Caps & a Rap It’s amazing how one connection leads to another – follow our journey to see how a rapper from Nottingham was paid via a ‘soup’ pitch at a festival, to share a TH!NK Tool with young people! Learn More
Making Connections Connecting with others, learning from them and sharing what we do is fundamental to TH!NK FC. We want to grow our impact – not our size. Learn More
TH!NK Tool Sharing Spotlight on – the Umbrella Goals. No goal is too big or small!. This simple and useful tool will help you break down a big goal into smaller bit sized pieces to take action today. Learn More
TH!NK FC in Coalville A place based approach in Coalville building on strengths and connecting people to enable them to do things they are interested in. See More
Tools and Products From desk planners to What Could I Birds - find out about out Tools and Design process. Learn More