We offer a range of workshops, activities, methods and resources to help you, your family, colleagues and community make the difference you are looking for and overcome the challenges you face. We are always looking to partner with others to collaborate on projects and ideas.

Our TH!NK Tools, and Resources are freely dowloadable too! You can find them here Tools and Resources 

Primary  TH!NK Programme

For making a difference in the classroom and the lives of young people.

A unique programme that takes 8 TH!NK Tools and shares them with the wider school community.

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Sharing TH!NK Tools

To support people and organisations to make the difference they want to make and overcome challenges on the way.

We offer a range of workshops, activities and methods to share TH!NKing tools.

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Community Benefit Societies

A tried and tested vehicle for supporting people and communities to take control. Fully democratic, able to do share offers, open and transparent, enterprising and for social good – contact us to start a conversation about how a CBS might work in your community.

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Positive Revolution

A common set of values that unites us all.

The five principles of a positive revolution – bringing togther networks and friends; people and organisations.

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Community Connecting 

We believe in a strength based approach and we bring people together and support them to connect in powerful and lasting new ways – focusing on things they are interested in and what they want to achieve.

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Festivals, conferences and creative ways of sharing

So you run a festival, you are hosting a conference – we can come and share the tools creatively, with resources to take away. We have songs for each tool too – want to get involved?

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