About Us

We believe everyone deserves access to positive opportunities in life. We know some people get more than others. 

If we’re to create a fairer society then everyone needs access to those AND have the ‘inner resources’ to use them to benefit themselves, their families and their communities. 

At TH!NK FC we’ve developed TH!NK tools based on the latest and best ‘business’ Thinking from Go Mad Thinking and others, which we convert for use by everyone, including young people, people experiencing difficulties, schools, community groups and organisations. Basically, the TH!NK Tools are useful for anyone in any situation.

We aim to share these TH!NK Tools with people of all ages to help ‘level the playing field of opportunity’.

If there is a tool missing, or you have a tool that works really well we invite you add it to the tool kit.

We’re looking for other like-minded people to join us in this TH!NKing Revolution – sharing, sharing, sharing all the way!

TH!NK FC Our Story & Our Friends From Coalville Heroes, to Hero Project to TH!NK FC How we have got to where we are today, our model of working and people we work with. Sharing TH!NK Tools and supporting young people and communities to take control – Levelling the Playingfield of opportunity. Learn More

Our Directors

Deana Wildgoose

Victoria Herriman

Ian Wilson

Tel No.: 07969810339
Email: Ian@thinkfc.org.uk
LinkedIn: Ian Wilson

Richard Jordan

Kristiana  Groza





We would like to share our model with you

Deana Wildgoose