Levelling The Playing Field

We work alongside people to better navigate through life, TH!NKing confidently about things that matter to them, their families and friends; in their community and further afield.

We don’t fix communities or people; we share ways to recognise and value the strengths and qualities within the community and its people and find ways to celebrate together.

TH!NKing Tools are at the core of what we do. We help people come together to take ownership of community spaces. We are passionate about supporting people to set up sustainable local wealth building community benefit societies. We are developing the handbook to share with others.

We are driven by our passion and purpose, have a read of our CODE below.

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Enjoy our videos of our Mission and listen to our TH!NKing Revolution song

CB Patchwork - Sharing Learning and Tools to Make a Difference in the Community

Why not come along to our workshop on 31st March 2021. We will be sharing the most simplest and most accessible ways, tools and resources to support communities to take control of their lives and places they live!